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109 Elgin Street, Carlton, Victoria
(03) 9347 0006
Mon - Sat 6-10PM; THU-FRI: 12-3PM


Labnee     8
Home-made naturally thickened yoghurt

Baba Ghannouj     12
Smoked eggplant blended with tahini, garlic and lemon juice

Hummous bi Tahini     12
Chickpeas blended with tahini, garlic and lemon juice

Mixed Dips     16
Combination of Labnee, Hummous, Baba Ghannouj


Makaneek     16
Grilled home-made spiced lamb sausages

Chicken Livers     16
Livers pan fried, dressed with garlic and lemon juice

Lebanese Potatoes (Batata Harra)     12
Potatoes fried with garlic, coriander, chilli and salt

Chicken Wings     16
Tender chicken wings baked with garlic and lemon juice

Ladies’ Fingers      16
Filo pastry cigars filled with minced lamb, pine nuts and spices (5 pieces)


Foulia Medammas     12
Fava beans with tomato, parsley, garlic and lemon juice

Fattoush     16
A green salad with radish, tomato, cucumber, capsicum and mint,
all brought together with baked Lebanese bread

Falafel     16
Patties of chickpeas, broad beans, parsley, coriander and spices
served with tahini sauce (4 pieces)

Loubyeh     16
Green beans cooked with tomatoes, onion and spices

Tabouleh     16
Salad of parsley, tomato, mint, spring onion and cracked wheat

Salata    10
Salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber and parsley with a lemon and
olive oil dressing

Silverbeet Rolls     16
Silverbeet leaves stuffed with rice, chickpeas, tomato, herbs and spices

Mjadra     18
Lentils, rice and caramalised onion served with yoghurt


Lahem Mishwee     28
Two skewers of lamb fillets, marinated, grilled and served with

Kibbee     30
Casing of minced lamb and cracked wheat, stuffed with spiced
lamb and pine nuts, and served with labnee (6 pieces)

Chicken and Rice     28
Exquisitely flavoured rice pilaff with minced lamb, chicken,
almonds and pine nuts

Ma’hshi koussa (V)     28
White zucchini with a filling of rice, chickpeas, parsley, tomato and
spring onion, cooked in a delicate tomato broth

Fresh Fish of the Day     Market Price (Ask your waiter)

Kafta Mishwee     28
Four skewers of minced lamb, seasoned with parsley, onion and
spices, grilled and served with tabouleh in a lettuce cup

Shish ta Wouk     28
Two skewers of chicken fillets, marinated in garlic, grilled and
served with tabouleh in a lettuce cup and garlic paste on the side

Cabbage Rolls     30
Cabbage leaves stuffed with rice, minced lamb, and cooked with
tomato, mint and lemon juice

Kibbee Nayeh     30
Raw lamb blended with burghul and accompanied with olive oil
and mint


In House Baklawa     5
Filo pastry with cashews and syrup topped with crushed pistachio

Halawa     4.5
A sesame seed paste with pistachio nuts

Turkish Delight    4.5
Squares of almond flavoured gelatine coated in powdered sugar

Mahlabiyeh     9.5
Rose water flavoured corn flour custard, served chilled


Banquet Menu 60 per head
(vegetarian option available)

Mixed dips: Hummus, Baba Ghannouj, Labnee
Ladies finger
Chicken wings
Skewer of lamb or chicken
Chicken and rice
Lebanese coffee with baklawa and turkish delight


Banquet with fish 70 per head
Banquet as above plus

Samke Hara – baked fish fillets filled with garlic, walnuts,
coriander and chilli dressed with a tahini sauce
(Must be pre-ordered)

or Pan fried whole garfish
or Pan fried flathead fillets

Lunch Banquet 45 per head
(lunch only)

Mixed dips: Hummus, Baba Ghannouj, Labnee
Ladies finger
Chicken wings
Chicken and rice




Col Vetoraz Prosecco     10.5 | 48
Valdobbiadene, Italy
Fine and aromatic bouquet, dry and intense
to the taste, very harmonious

Mumm Champagne     89
Champagne, France

Elegant stream of bubbles rising to form a rich, lively foam


Good Catholic Girl Riesling     9.5 | 45
Clare Valley, SA
Dry style displaying the finest threads of passionfruit
and lime held together by lovely crisp acid

Astrolabe Pinot Gris     10 | 48
Marlborough, NZ
Pure, focused wine with a fine minerality and delicacy
of structure, finishing crisp and dry

Livon Pinot Grigio     50
Friuli, Italy
Bouquet of spices and flowers, dry, full bodied, almost rough
with an aftertaste reminiscent of nutmeg

Auntsfield Sauvignon Blanc     48
Marlborough, NZ
Intense ripe fruit flavours of passion fruit juice and white peach,
with citrus notes of lime and mandarin

Durvillea Sauvignon Blanc     9.5| 45
Marlborough, NZ
White stone fruit, gooseberry and lime flavours, mineral texture
and long, crisp and clean finish

Fermoy Estate Chardonnay     10.5 | 53
Margaret River, WA
Fresh and lifted lemon aromatics, white flowers and spice
leads to the medium weight flavours

Elio Perrone Moscato     10 | 49
Piemonte, Italy
Bright, lively, acacia and orange flowers, peach, sage, sweet and
mellow, pure elegance and beauty

Les Bretèches Blanc     10 | 48
Balanced and fresh on the palate, with exotic flavours of apricot
and fresh mango

Chauteau Kefraya Blanc de blanc     11 | 53
Round fresh and aromatic on the palate, exotic notes
underpinned with honey and lilac


Myst de Chauteau Kefa Rosé     9 | 40

Suave and fruity, a crisp palate that overflows with charm, evoking
there perfumed fields of province

Rochford Estate Pinot Noir     10 | 48
Yarra Valley, VIC

Medium bodied, with a subtle red fruits backed by healthy acidity

Auntsfield Pinot Noir     50
Marlborough, NZ

Rich silky texture which is full and luscious , flavours of
spice, dark fruit and savoury tones

Good Catholic Girl Cabernet Sauvignon     10 | 48
Clare Valley, SA

An amazing velvety palate with a bold statement
of dark complex fruits

Fermoy Estate Merlot     49
Margaret River, WA

Full flavoured and textural mouth feel with black plum, sour
cherry, savoury herbs and toasty oak finish

Col Santo Ruis Sangiovese Sagrantino     9.5 | 45
Toscana, ITALY

Soft tannins with well-balanced acidity, slight smoky aftertaste

Lloyd Brothers Handpicked Shiraz     10.5 | 52
McLaren Vale, SA

Dark mulberries and plum on the nose with a combination of
mixed spice, liquorice and black pepper

Murray Street Vineyards Greenock Shiraz     82
Barossa, SA

A rich and complex structure of black cherries, ripe dark berry
fruits, mocha and some black pepper

Pinacle de Fakra Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz     9.5 | 42

Full bodied blend of dark fruits and spice

Domaine des Tourelles Syrah     85

Rounded flavours and a smooth fruit tones

Les Bretèches Rouge     53

Full, textured, balanced and round with a slight toasty finish

Domaine Wardy Cabernet Sauvignon     58

Rich and harmonious with powerful tannins and a spicy finish


Lebanese Coffee     4
Selection of Teas from T2     4
Regular, fresh mint leaves, peppermint, green, camomile, chai
Mineral Water (small)     4
Natural, lemon, blood orange, orange and passionfruit
Mineral Water Natural (large)     9
Soda Water     4
Soft Drinks     4
Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Sprite, Lemon lime bitters
Home-made lemonade with rose water     4
Jug of Limonada     12
Orange Juice     4


By the glass

Cascade Premium Light     7
Crown Lager     8
Corona     8
Trumer Pilsner, Austria     8
Almaza Pilsner, Lebanon     8
Cider    8


Scotch     8
Vodka     8
Gin     8
Bourbon     8
Arak     9

BYO Monday – Thursday Only
Corkage $10 per bottle