Hall of Fame


The Age held its annual Good Food Guide awards a couple of weeks ago and Abla’s was one of handful of restaurants inducted into the Vintage Hall of Famers. 

The Guide has been around for 35 years now and my restaurant for a little longer. We opened in 1979 and were reviewed in the very first edition in 1980 and have been reviewed again in the latest edition, and all of the others in between. As I think back over all these years I must have seen thousands of customers come through the restaurant, but it seems there are just as many who’ve never left the place, so much so that they’re part of the furniture. I think the secret to our success is that Abla’s has never been a slave to food fashion. I thank The Age Good Food Guide for their support, and many thanks to every single one of you who have dined at Abla’s. You’re always welcome. Here’s to the next 35 years!

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